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Fortigate: IPS

Comprehensive threat protection with a powerful intrusion prevention system

An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a critical component of every network’s core security capabilities. It protects against known threats and zero-day attacks including malware and underlying vulnerabilities. Deployed inline as a bump in the wire, many IPS solutions perform deep packet inspection of traffic at wire speed, requiring high throughput and low latency.

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Fortinet IPS Solutions

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FortiGate IPS

Available in: Hardware, Virtual Machines, and Cloud

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Available in: Hardware, Virtual Machines, and Cloud

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Available in: Hardware, Virtual Machines, and Cloud

Fortinet delivers IPS technology via the industry-validated and recognized FortiGate platform. FortiGate security processors provide unparalleled high performance, while FortiGuard Labs informs industry-leading threat intelligence, creating an IPS with proven success in protecting from known and zero-day threats. As a key component of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiGate IPS secures the entire end-to-end infrastructure without compromising performance.