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Secure Web Gateway

Enterprise-class protection against internet-borne threats

As Enterprises continue to rearchitect their WAN Edge with rapid migration of applications to the cloud, the attack surface at the remote sites/branch locations continues to increase. This risk is especially high for web-based traffic, as web-based threat continue to be one of the primary attack vectors. As attack techniques become more advanced and versatile, organizations need an integrated approach to secure against external and internal risks. Fortinet’s secure web gateway provides flexible deployment options to protect against internet-based threats without compromising on end-user experience.

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Fortinet SWG Solutions

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FortiGate SWG

Available in: Hardware, Virtual Machine, and Cloud.

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Available in: Hardware, Virtual Machine, and Cloud.

SWGs keep enterprise networks safe from malicious Internet traffic, preventing threats from entering the network and causing an infection or intrusion.


Critical SWG features such as SSL inspection are increasingly necessary to protect enterprises, especially with more than half of all attacks and malicious Internet traffic today using encryption.