Huyu Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Superior Molded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCBs (molded case circuit breakers) from Huyu Philippines provide protection for the circuit and equipment. They are solutions designed for common issues in the Philippines related to the power distribution circuit such as overload, short circuit, and under-voltage condition. They can also provide the protection needed when it comes to the same problems found in the non-frequent start of the motor.

These superior molded case circuit breakers are also in accordance with GB/T 14048.2 and IEC 60947-2 standards.

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These molded case circuit breakers are suitable for use in the Philippines’ electric systems of AC 50Hz/60Hz, with the rated insulation voltage of up to 1000V (800V for 125A and below frames) and rated current up to 630A.

All these features enable these molded case circuit breakers to distribute electrical energy, protect circuits and power equipment from hazards, and control infrequent motor operations.

Main Applications

Generator protection Eaton-Huyu Molded Case Circuit Breakers min

Generator Protection

system protection Eaton-Huyu Molded Case Circuit Breakers min

Electrical Motor Protection

capacitor-bank Eaton-Huyu Molded Case Circuit Breakers min

Capacitor Banks Protection

Electric-feeder Eaton-Huyu Molded Case Circuit Breakers min

Electric Feeders Protection

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Molded case circuit breakers from Huyu Philippines help empower households and organizations by meeting the growing demand for better power management technologies and services. Talk to us to learn how our electrical solutions will support your digital transformation needs today!

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