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A joint venture by Eaton and Huanyu-Group

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Electricity Made Smarter, Safer.

A joint venture by Huanyu Group and Eaton in 2021, Huyu Electric is backed by Eaton’s and Huanyu Group’s decades of experience and expertise in the electrical solutions field. This partnership ignited the commitment to advancing people’s quality of life by providing customers with reliable, smarter, and safer electrical components and system solutions that aid in solving power management issues.

Huyu Smart Electrical Solutions

Huyu_Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)
Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)
Versatile, safe miniature circuit breakers that feature a guide for secure terminal connection and are compatible with a standard busbar which can be positioned either above or below. 
Huyu_Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)
Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)
Provides protection for the circuit and equipment. Designed for common issues in the power distribution circuit such as overload, short circuit, and under-voltage conditions. 

Committed to developing Smart Electric Solutions to make life better

Today, devices and appliances are getting more connected and as the usage of those grows, legacy electrical systems lack the capacity to support such increasing power demands. Failure to meet those can lead to a serious threat of electrical fires. This very reason is why Huanyu Electric develop devices like Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) and Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB).

 These products can help protect power equipment from hazards such as overload and short circuits. These can be widely used in domestic, commercial, and industrial settings. These miniature circuit breakers from Huyu are universal and compact. They can also operate safely and as a result, your system can be relied upon to run efficiently for years to come.

With Eaton’s global scale and presence in Southeast Asia and Huanyu High-tech’s strong product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities in China, the availability of ‘HUYU’ brand will allow us to present even greater variety and value to our customers. This aligns very well with our commitment to empower organizations with future-ready infrastructure and technology tools

Why Choose Huyu?

Huanyu Group and Eaton value innovation as one of their main corporate pillars. The company uses 5% of the annual sales revenue for the center’s scientific research and development and has developed 28 series of new products with low-voltage electrical appliances, instruments, complete sets of equipment, etc.

Through dedicated R&D and manufacturing efforts, their Solution Designs can meet today’s and tomorrow’s electrical demands.

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