Aruba Instant On

WIFI that Works for Your Home

Dilemma of Home Workers ​1

Virtual Call Center Agents need Quite a Place to Work at Home but  the WIFI can’t Reach them, so they Force to work on Noisy Area of the House​

Can’t do any cabling as kids might Trip on them…​

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Dilemma of Home Workers ​2

Sales People Have to Make Webinars & Virtual Meetings but the connection fails because the 3 Kids are watching NETFLIX​ ​ Don’t have any means to control and discipline them​.

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Dilemma of Home Workers ​3

IT Manager gets a call from the​ management to give a solution that can Solve those issue at home yet with minimal budget requirement and centrally manage and control the connection​.

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with Aruba Instant On

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Why Instant-On is THE Solution

Home WiFi is very limited in performance


Home WiFi does not do mesh to extend WiFi on a limited area


Home WiFi needs to be restarted/limited CPU and memory


Home WiFi does not limit bandwidth for other users


Home WiFi can’t handle the traffic needed for WFH users

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Invest on Aruba Instant On for your Workers at Home

  • Effortless scalability: Smart  Mesh
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 performance
  • Schedule, Bandwidth & Application Control
  • Separate employee and guest access
  • WiFi Network  (SSID)
  • Free Mobile app and Cloud-based access
  • Remote and multi-site management
  • Customizable captive portal
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Ready to
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