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Aruba Instant On

WIFI that Works for Your Home

Dilemma of Home Workers ​1

Virtual Call Center Agents need Quite a Place to Work at Home but  the WIFI can’t Reach them, so they Force to work on Noisy Area of the House​

Can’t do any cabling as kids might Trip on them…​

Dilemma of Home Workers ​2

Sales People Have to Make Webinars & Virtual Meetings but the connection fails because the 3 Kids are watching NETFLIX​ ​ Don’t have any means to control and discipline them​.

Dilemma of Home Workers ​3

IT Manager gets a call from the​ management to give a solution that can Solve those issue at home yet with minimal budget requirement and centrally manage and control the connection​.

with Aruba Instant On

Why Instant-On is THE Solution

Home WiFi is very limited in performance

Home WiFi does not do mesh to extend WiFi on a limited area

Home WiFi needs to be restarted/limited CPU and memory

Home WiFi does not limit bandwidth for other users

Home WiFi can’t handle the traffic needed for WFH users

Invest on Aruba Instant On for your Workers at Home

  • Effortless scalability: Smart  Mesh
  • 802.11ac Wave 2 performance
  • Schedule, Bandwidth & Application Control
  • Separate employee and guest access
  • 8 WiFi Network  (SSID)
  • Free Mobile app and Cloud-based access
  • Remote and multi-site management
  • Customizable captive portal




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