Brocade-Ruckus Technical Boot Camp

Last February 23-24, MEC Networks Corporation in partnership with Brocade-Ruckus held its Technical Boot Camp at Cintai Corito’s Garden in Lipa, Batangas. Technical engineers from several partner companies were present during the event for the latest update on Brocade and Ruckus’ technologies and more importantly for their WiSE Level 1 Certification.


A Match Made in Networking


Abest-in-class network is an absolute requirement for business agility for organizations of all types and sizes, and that network increasingly starts with a high-performance wireless connection at the network edge. Whether for students in a classroom, fans in a stadium, medical staff in a hospital, guests in a hotel, or employees in an office, organizations today require a network infrastructure that integrates high-quality wireless access with a wired backbone that delivers the growing levels of performance, scalability, flexibility and security required for today’s digital business world.


As Wi-Fi and cellular continue to converge, an integrated wired and wireless foundation can provide the operational flexibility and scale-out capabilities needed to support innovations such as emerging 5G mobile services, the Internet of Things (IoT), OpenG™ technology to address the indoor cellular challenge, and smart cities. These technologies and applications deliver value that reaches far beyond traditional network boundaries.


Together, Brocade and Ruckus create a new type of pure-play networking company with market-leading solutions that extend from the data center to the wireless network edge. The combined company has a singular focus on networking and is uniquely positioned to help customers realize the benefits of a New IP network infrastructure. One might say the combination of Brocade and Ruckus is a match made in networking!

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Ready to
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