Ruckus: Embracing the New ICT Paradigms

Breaking up with old network paradigms with Ruckus Networks

We’ve all observed it.


You stroll into a switch storage room and glance around. Residue lies thick upon antiquated switches—enough to diminish LED lights now and again. A crowd of residue rabbits has taken up home close to the fan vents. No one has seen the electrical plugs in years, covered under grime and webs.


The delicate murmur of hardware fills the air as the tech by your pillars. “It might be old, yet it works!”


What’s more, on the off chance that it doesn’t?


“At any rate, we know the majority of the bugs and have workarounds,” says our new IT companion.


Obviously, they do. In any case, imagine a scenario where they completely should overhaul. At that point what?


Any individual who has ever worked in IT knows the drill. You don’t overhaul firmware except if totally important. What’s more, you never under any circumstance reboot. Why?


“It probably won’t return,” murmurs the network engineer with a shudder. “No one can tell what will occur on the off chance that you reboot or overhaul hardware.”


It nearly seems like superstition, yet it’s plain handy sense and the reason such huge numbers of IT offices put off updates—equipment and programming—to the extent that this would be possible. The reason for IT is to convey network and registering administrations and anything that brings that down, or puts it in danger, is a Big Problem.

Nobody Wants Downtime

IT is tied in with expanding services and limiting the danger of downtime. Why take a risk with new and energizing bugs that will keep you late at the office or working through an all-encompassing support period throughout the end of the week?


This takes us back to those packs of residue rabbits wandering wild and free through switching storage rooms all over the place.


In the end, time runs out and you have to overhaul for another capacity required by the business. We get that and we comprehend you on the grounds that a considerable lot of us have lived in that world. That is the reason here at Ruckus we’ve invested so much energy building products that limit chance without sacrificing new capacities:


Advancements like grounds texture and RF innovations in access points intended to streamline network execution and increment dependability


Switches with a lot of POE budget for any application need


The most versatile network controller engineering which, in virtualized structure, SmartZone is practically boundless in its capacity to be updated without a tear and-supplant


In-service stack updates (ISSU) (ISSU) for switches or multi-picture AP organizations permit to set up redesigns without slowing down the network

Making 1Gbps Faster than 1Gbps

An age-old problem. You’ve got switches in the closets with 1Gbps uplinks, but you need something faster.


“Here we go,” sighs my IT tech guide. “I spent all this time building the network and now we’re going to change just for a little speed boost.”


What if you could make a 1 Gbps uplink port go faster? With the ICX 7150 switch Ruckus did just that. Buy it with 1 Gbps uplinks today and, when you’re ready, a simple command and license will upgrade to 10 Gbps uplinks. No new hardware.


My network engineer pauses to consider, eyes narrowed. “No hardware swap? What about a reboot? I bet there’s a reboot.”


Nope. No new hardware. No new software. No reboots.


This is why when we ask our customers what they like about their Ruckus network the answer is unanimous: “It just works.”


And we like that just fine. Check out the Ruckus Networks Switching and Routing Products and MEC Solutions now and learn how you can start embracing the new ICT Paradigms for your Digital Transformation in the 4th Industrial Revolution!

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