Ruckus: Is your Organization Ready for a Network-as-a-Service Model?

Are you ready for a Network-as-a-Service model?

Many modern enterprises in sectors like hospitality, tourism, and retail are service-driven. Franchising models permit those with the talent and flair to make and develop a brand to expand nationwide and internationally. These individual branches are typically quite little and need small-scale IT deployments, however, the overall picture might extend to 100’s or 1000’s of sites. These deployments should support each business and the customer network access needs, with secure enterprise connectivity and simple guest access. However, typically have you ever chosen a coffee shop not only supported the quality of the food and beverages but additionally on the ability to urge a seat to work, a power outlet and sensible Wi-Fi?

Subscription-based models

What about goods and services on a subscription basis? it’s foreseen that within the future there’ll be autonomous, electrically powered vehicles that will be summoned at a few minutes’ notice, at a very competitive cost, negating the necessity to have or maybe lease a vehicle for exclusively personal use. We’re all already enjoying the advantages of music and video streaming services that provide immediate and cost-effective access to a near-limitless library of content (although I still love my CDs and vinyl records!). Considering these trends in consumption models, why wouldn’t a fast-moving business embrace an identical offering to deliver a network infrastructure service on a subscription basis, scaling the network as and once demand calls for it? These same businesses are already signed up to cloud-hosted application and storage delivery, permitting them to flex their capacity in line with progressive growth or seasonal peaks in their business operations.

Ease of use

Apple didn’t invent smartphones or tablets, however demonstrably aided mass-market adoption with intuitive and simple-to-grasp user interfaces and an app development ecosystem. With the newest announcement of the new Apple TV+ service, there’s recognition of the necessity to diversify in an increasingly competitive device market.


The marketplace for cloud-controlled network infrastructure, especially Wi-Fi, isn’t new. However, some early-to-market solutions are arguably turning into weighed down with features, complexity, and additional cost through licensing choices, decreasing the primary goals of simplicity and speed of deployment at inception.


Network vendors like ruckus, with a history of fantastic equipment design, engineering and performance have already addressed the Cloud market, with the advantage of having the power to analyze this sector because it starts to mature. This has allowed the simplest of each world to be addressed, retaining excellence within the performance of the physical network infrastructure devices, while concentrating on delivering a user interface with the necessary features that are simple to deploy, monitor, and manage.


Maybe it will be many years till I will summon an autonomous vehicle at will. Consequent generation of cloud-controlled networks are here right now.

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