Aside from our core services, we offer RunTime, a premium service to ensure business continuity. RunTime provides a more in-depth service for projects that require a more specialized approach. These services have always been provided for by MEC. As part of our dedication to continuously provide customers with excellent support, we created RunTime.


Runtime’s Implementation Service includes site survey, project management, pre-staging, monitoring, commissioning, testing and installation of products such as network infrastructure, physical surveillance, cabling and the mounting of the racks, IP Cameras, and access points. RunTime’s implementation has nationwide coverage, including Visayas and Mindanao.


RunTime’s support services include standard support, Emergency Technical Assistance, On-site Technical Support, and In-house Support. These services ensure that after your implementation and assessment, RunTime can provide a more sustainable ICT system by responding to your downtime needs, maintaining your system to prevent downtime from happening, and providing professional technical support whenever you need it.


For companies that require further ICT assistance, MEC RunTime provides Professional Engineers that can serve as outsourced agents that specialize in any IT solution a company requires. Based on the bundle, in-house support agents can go on-site or on-call based on the customer’s company requirement. The engineers that we deploy are very different compared to your usual IT engineers. These engineers are certified by our principals and are more specialized when it comes to solving your IT problems. Whether it’s cabling or security, we have an engineer tailored to fit your needs.


If you apply for Runtime, MEC will provide network assessment that familiarizes our project managers with your company’s needs before or after product implementations. This allows us to prepare a comprehensive list of the products that your setup will require. RunTime, with its project managers and professional engineers, will audit your system to check what it lacks to ensure a complete system that is safe from downtime.


Aside from helping you ensure that your infrastructure never experiences downtime with our services, we also provide premium training facilitated by our expert and certified engineers to help your IT staff manage and configure your infrastructure. We offer basic and advance hands-on administration training held at our headquarters during office hours.