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ICTip #10: Bosch Security Tips (Part 1)

Bosch Security provides end-to-end solutions with its range of IP Cameras, Video Management Software and even Storage.

When we say Bosch, the first thing that may come to mind are power tools for constructions and spark plugs for automotive, but the Bosch product portfolio is much larger than this. Bosch Security consists of the brand’s security & safety products that ensures the safety of the people and assets. Bosch Security provides end-to-end solutions with its range of IP Cameras (Bosch), Video Management Software (Bosch) and even Storage (Bosch) all coming from the same brand/manufacturer.

Starlight Technology

With Bosch Video Systems it ensures that it delivers crisp images with its camera that is built for security, equipped with the latest technology of sensors and lens it delivers colored images even in low light conditions with its STARLIGHT Technology.

Forensic Search

Bosch Video Systems can also retrieve recorded videos with its Forensic Search feature wherein the system finds the playback video within the timeline depending on the parameters that the operator/s have been set. It uses the built-in analytics to find a certain video thus reducing the time of reviewing the saved videos.


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— Rian Panado, Technical Consultant for Physical Security

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