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Commscope: Designing a Utility-Grade Infrastructure

Creating Utility-Grade Building Network Infrastructure

ICT on the Backbone Pathway

There’s an increase within the range of devices being connected to the network in buildings, and also the types of devices being connected very wide, from computers and IP phones to cameras, digital signage, and sensors that area part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and also the Operational Technology (OT) network. We’re seeing a convergence of those devices on twisted-pair cabling, however, the requirements for these devices introduce some variables into the equation that make connections troublesome for installers. For instance, installers might not be acquainted with structured cabling installation practices and the way to fulfill every device’s requirements: some devices may have high power, whereas others might need low power. Some devices may need high bandwidth, whereas others might like low bandwidth or any combination thereof.

Success can depend upon taking advantage of the most recent advancements in convergence, with a superior cabling infrastructure, or utility-grade infrastructure (UTG) that may solve the problem of managing multiple systems. At CommScope, we’ve been operating with industry leaders on developing solutions that are certified as “UTG compliant” by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UTG solutions are used to connect any device in a building, thus it becomes the “fourth utility” within the building, alongside electricity, water and gas.

As Anixter states in its press release, the need for UTG arises because users are pushing the boundaries of applications beyond what’s supported underneath traditional cabling standards. For instance, structured cabling standards specify that the maximum distance of a structured cabling channel is one hundred meters, however, some devices are quite a hundred meters aloof from the switch. At certain speeds, CommScope solutions will exceed that distance, and those solutions are certified by UL to do that.

UTG applications vary from standardized applications like connecting Wi-Fi access points or IP phones to ones that have needs beyond the standard, like extended distance, power, and cyber-security. underneath the UTG program, we will support any application during a manner similar to what we support under our Systimax Application Assurance program, that provides the design capabilities and performance guarantees building owners and enterprises got to migrate confidently. In fact, the UTG program is extremely complimentary with the Systimax Application Assurance program, we believe we will build upon it to extend beyond what we presently support.

CommScope continues to concentrate on innovation and continual improvement investment nearly $200 million in R&D as well as our SYSTIMAX solutions. These investments, combined with a UL verification program to validate rising and increased technologies, provides our customers’ satisfaction knowing the products and solutions they get from CommScope area unit best-in-class.

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