Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator

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A simplified model using Aruba Central

SD-WAN inherently addresses many of the configuration issues in operating a large distributed network. It utilizes transport-independent overlay tunnels and centralized traffic routing, based on policies that take into account both user and application roles. This alone simplifies WAN management.


The Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator is based on a cloud-native, multi-tenant control plane that scales in line with customer growth. Competing orchestrators are virtual machine (VM)-based control plane elements that must be scaled manually as requirements grow and exceed the limitations of the VMs.


The benefit of the SD-WAN Orchestrator is that WAN links are automatically discovered and tunnels are orchestrated based on business and topological needs, such as mapping data centers to branch offices. The Orchestrator only sets up tunnels between sites that need them. Similarly, routes are only advertised between gateways that have reachability between each other.

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Key Features

1-Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator
Major administrative cost savings
2-Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator
Greatly simplified management of WAN
3-Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator
Flexible topology choices include a hub and spoke and full mesh
4-Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator
Cloud-native, multitenant control plane scales in line with customer growth
5-Aruba SD-WAN Orchestrator
Removes the need to manually set up VPN tunnels or routes between sites

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