Fortinet: Expanding Revenue Opportunities with SD-WAN

Using SD-WAN to Expand Revenue Opportunities

Today’s organizations need business-critical SaaS applications, unified communications, and rich media services to be made available to each user, as well as those located at branch offices, while not escalating connectivity overhead, overburdening connections by backhauling unneeded traffic or introducing IT complexity in locations while not local IT employees on-site. And given the advanced nature of today’s digital networks, traditional WAN connections will not keep up.


However, moving these solutions to the branch over the general public internet needs a good range of refined functionalities, like load equalization, remediating noisy or unreliable WAN connections, and maintaining high-integrity connections to support latency-sensitive applications. To realize this, SD-WAN has become the WAN connection replacement solution of choice.


“SD-WAN is currently the quickest growing networking technology segment, projected to grow at a 40.4% CAGR through 2022. additionally, according to one survey, over 85th of corporations report that they’re actively considering adopting SD-WAN to extend security and cut back sprawl.”

— Jon Bove, Channel Partners Online, 17 May 2019


Because of its rise, however, a growing variety of vendors are currently marketing a brand new SD-WAN device or service — not all of them are created equal.


“And to complicate matters further, there is little guidance available to help organizations wade through the marketing hype. While third-party testing labs like NSS Labs have begun to establish some baseline parameters around SD-WAN solutions, there are still a number of issues that organizations face in selecting, deploying, and managing a solution that meets their current and evolving needs.”

— Jon Bove, Channel Partners Online, 17 May 2019

Providing essential SD-WAN guidance

As a result of this vendor sprawl, customers considering a move to SD-WAN are inundated with the choices available to them. As trusty advisors, partners have a singular opportunity to guide them through this transition, from choosing solutions to deploying, managing, and optimizing a solution rollout. Here are many areas to specialize in, that may well be useful in aiding customers to pick the most effective answer for his or her business while serving to you grow your business:

  • Efficiency. Automated Multi-Path Intelligence selects the foremost economical route for business-critical traffic, and WAN Path rectification is able to beat poor or noisy links, enhance data dependability, and deliver a much better user experience.
  • Performance. Tunnel bandwidth Aggregation permits per-packet load equalization to maximize network capacity and performance, whereas advanced Application Awareness will determine applications on the very initial packet then rate routing across available network bandwidth primarily based to accelerate delivery.
  • Interconnectivity. Public networks raise eyebrows once it involves security. specialized VPN functions, like meshed overlay VPNs, firmly interconnect branch devices, applications, and resources, therefore, data and applications will quickly across the extended network while not overwhelming VPN management systems.
  • Security. SD-WAN solutions got to give a full variety of advanced security features while operating at SD-WAN connectivity speeds. this needs that security gives native integration into the SD-WAN answer for quicker performance and simplified management; deep examination of encrypted VPN traffic at digital speeds; a full vary of security protection, together with NGFW, IPS, web filtering, anti-virus, and sandboxing, and seamless integration with enterprise security to make sure consistent security enforcement.
  • Management. Managing WAN optimization and security functions through 2 totally different interfaces will produce visibility and management gaps. single-pane-of-glass management permits remote administrators to manage network topologies and security devices and policies. This simplified approach ought to be extended across the complete distributed network, therefore, branch deployments aren’t treated as a separate and isolated network.

Selecting a complete Secure SD-WAN solution

Most IT groups aren’t only stretched thin, however, they’re conjointly unfamiliar with the complexities concerned in selecting and deploying the proper SD-WAN solution for his or her organization. To overcome this challenge, they need help from a trustworthy advisor that understands the requirements of deploying a good, scalable, and secure SD-WAN solution. As a result, partners are in a very distinctive position to produce the assistance and guidance they have — simply at a time once SD-WAN isn’t solely a top of mind issue for organizations, however, once cybercriminals have conjointly increased they specialize in targeting the WAN edge.


Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution includes best-of-breed next-generation firewall (NGFW) security, SD-WAN, advanced routing, and WAN optimization capabilities, delivering a security-driven networking WAN edge transformation in a very unified giving.

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