Hikvision: Merging Physical Security with Cybersecurity to Reduce Security Concerns

Hikvision Discusses Preparing for Security Breach

The Security magazine article, “Physical and Cyber Convergence—At Last?” addresses challenges that stop the security industry from totally adopting cybersecurity to cut back security concerns.


“Based on our experiences with some of the world’s leading companies and a wide range of security system users in a variety of industries, we can say categorically that convergence is accelerating, but with severe challenges brought about by the nature of cyber threats. Physical security technology silos are rapidly being connected and integrated with corporate IT, not only for the transport of video data but additionally to improve the management of video and access control systems themselves. Convergence on cyber issues is also happening, but additional slowly than for physical security systems because there are significant differences in cybersecurity and cyber-hygiene for physical security systems versus traditional computer and consumer device security,” per the article.

Supporting Effective Cybersecurity

To establish effective cybersecurity, a brand new approach to implementing technical solutions and establishing structure protocols is required. massive amounts of stored and transmitted data should stay safe from “hackers, technical or human errors,” and also the article recommends the application of automated systems to attain effectiveness. One example of a procedure to automate is service assurance, which the article said: “addresses the necessity to confirm that the required security systems, together with surveillance video, access control records and cyber-breach detection maintain the best possible uptime, no matter the specific devices used, their age or what software applications are running on them.”


To achieve convergence of physical security systems with cybersecurity, solutions ought to be applicable across numerous company sizes, too. tiny and mid-sized organizations got to be ready to adopt them in order for broad changes within the market to take place.


To read the entire article, visit Security magazine online.

Hikvision Discusses getting ready for Security Breach

Hikvision covered a commentary in Security Sales & Integration (SSI) within the recent blog post “SSI on Preparing for Security Breach, Developing a Cyber Response Plan to Reduce Security Concerns.” The SSI piece outlined ways in which to prepare for a security breach. From the Hikvision blog: “Companies can reduce risk and respond to potential security breaches by preparing a cyber incident response plan (CIRP). The article also recommends that organizations bolster their cybersecurity defenses by reviewing insurance coverage on a regular basis and creating a strategy to minimize business interruptions caused by a security breach.”


In the blog, Hikvision’s cybersecurity director Chuck Davis discusses using network segmentation to reduce security concerns. “According to a 2017 study, North Americans have an average of 13 devices per person. That means a family of four has an average of 52 devices on their network. That may seem high, but most Americans don’t realize how much their home network has grown over the past 10 to 15 years, and they don’t realize that all of those “things” are actually computers. All of these devices have a network interface, storage, memory, processors, and an operating system. Additionally, they are always connected to the Internet and are rarely patched,” said Davis.

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