5 Top Tips to Remote Working

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Work smart, wherever you are.

Remote working isn’t a new concept and businesses are slowly adapting and realizing that employees should have the flexibility to work from wherever they need to. It’s a positive move, for the business and your employees alike, so that it can always be business as usual — regardless of where everyone is located!

1.) Make sure the right tools are in place.

Combining a cloud-based solution, the right meeting tool, and an all-in-one workspace to enable team collaboration is key. Mitel has the perfect solutions to help you achieve this!

2.) Encourage and embrace a remote working culture.

One thing underpins all the tech, that’s the mindset and the behavior of you and your employees. It’s vital to encourage a flexible working culture to maintain productivity and enjoyment, from anywhere.

3.) Ensure your employees have everything they need to be able to work from home.

A successful remote working setup should emulate the normal office environment as much as possible, delivering the right mix of tools, solutions and processes with unfettered access, and a good connection to the team, customers and suppliers.

4.) Provide the right training so employees feel comfortable working outside of ‘the office’.

Unless employees are used to remote working it can be a bit daunting at first. Given the right advice, training, and support, there’ll be no stopping them!

5.) Stay in touch – communicate regularly with everyone.

Communication should be no different whether employees are based at the office or at home. Mitel’s MiTeam Meetings can ensure faultless transitions between voice, video and chat functionality so everyone can still feel part of the team.

No matter where your employees are, or what devices they’re using, it’s crucial to keep everybody connected and productive.

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