Mitel: How Unified Communications And Collaboration Drive Results

Results driven by unified communications and collaboration

Emails pile into your inbox by the dozens—or a whole bunch. Notifications appear on your PC and phone. thus do text messages. And each your desk and mobile devices perpetually ring.


Sound familiar? If it is, you’re not alone.


Sometimes we feel like we work for our communications devices, not the opposite approach around. They pull us in every direction when we simply wish to induce some work done. In today’s work environment, we’re challenged to be productive and effective, generally in spite of the technology we use.


But it oughtn’t to be like this. Unified communications (UC) combined with smart, intuitive collaboration tools (UC&C) makes work easier, connecting us additional expeditiously with colleagues, customers, and partners, all from one platform which will be accessed from any device.

Improving customer experience

With UC&C, workers will connect with customers through any channel, regardless of wherever they’re located. Envision this scenario: A customer’s flight is delayed 2 hours, therefore she misses her connection. once speaking with the gate agent, she abjectly wanders off to grab a bite to eat, 5 gates away. Why shouldn’t she? She is aware that it will be a short while before she’s rebooked.


In the meantime, the gate agent finds another flight. He brings up the customer’s data from her reservation, finds her mobile number and, with a click, the system dials her smartphone. She answers, excited once the agent shares details concerning her new flight. once agreeing to the rebooking, she prompts to the new gate.

Improving Team Productivity

Your creative team having difficulties at work developing a brand new client’s marketing campaign. however before they’ll proceed, you discover they require a vital piece of data from an internal subject matter expert. Despite leaving a voicemail and sending an email, you’ve received no response. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand if your colleague is even on this continent, not to mention available to conference with the team?


Presence technology enables you to see if the SME is available and by which implies voice, text, video or not in any respect. The system automatically routes calls from one number to another. On top of that, your colleague will see all communications with UC&C’s unified messaging. whether or not he’s in his workplace, within the car or operating remotely, by signing on via a shared cloud platform he sees all messages, as well as texts, voicemails, and emails. If he’s not accessible, the team sees this straightaway and reaches out to another colleague for the data it desires.

Improving Community Communications

It’s not only businesses that have the benefit of UC&C. employees and lecturers within the Lovejoy independent school district needed the simplest way to communicate each internally and with parents. once UC&C was enforced, they gained a phone and voice mailbox in every classroom with conferencing capabilities. One feature, the Time of Day call Restriction, permits lecturers to put the room phone into “meeting mode” at scheduled intervals. That way, they’re not interrupted by calls throughout class time.


When class is out of session, lecturers simply make calls from any device, either with one click from their contact list or by entering a name. they’ll additionally simply join conference calls. That’s notably handy once someone can’t make a parent-teacher conference in person.

Improving Partner Collaboration

In product development nowadays, speed to market is important. to attain it, employees should work efficiently with partners, involving them as early as a product’s design phase.


Imagine you’re an engineer developing a brand new battery for a prototype automobile. you wish to collaborate with the vendors supplying the required parts. UC&C provides tools that not solely allow you to manage the project – setting tasks, scheduling conferences, sharing documents and virtual whiteboards – but enable you to invite external parties to participate via a secure, web-accessible interface.


It doesn’t matter which communications tool the vendor uses. UC&C will send messages across multiple providers. It even permits you to create a digital twin online thus you’ll be able to conduct a deep dive into the product’s requirements, operating side-by-side.

UC&C Drives results in no matter where you are

UC&C is delivery organizational communications into a new era. Now, colleagues, customers, and communities will simply communicate across devices, geographies and applications.

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