5 Benefits of Aruba Instant On for Your Business

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Our current circumstances have caused a rapid-fire step towards remote workforces, digital workflows, optimized business operations, and ingenuity to meet unpredictable conditions. Remote work fast-tracked the shift to cloud apps and services for enterprises of all sizes, but definitely more so for small businesses that are required to stay fast and nimble.


With amplified dependence on technology, it’s more important than ever to give your clients simpler, smarter networking.


Aruba Instant On, at its core, is a smart and simple cloud-managed network solution. You can set up your clients’ networks in minutes, and they’ll experience fast speeds inside or outside their location. Instant On wireless and wired networking is cost-effective and steers you away from headaches too.


Aruba values serving small businesses exclusively through their specialized channel partners. The company desires to make the Instant On experience simpler and smarter for the clients and worthwhile for the partners as well.


Here are the top 5 Instant On benefits that partners can focus on when delivering this networking solution to clients:


1. You can effortlessly set up networks at client locations.

Quicker installations mean quicker time to revenue—and more business value to your clients. Partners can use the Aruba Instant On mobile app to set up wireless and wired networks in no time at the new locations. You simply have to follow the steps recommended by Instant On’s intuitive installation wizard. Then the Instant On mobile app shows a list of the sites associated with your account. You can efficiently choose a site, establish a remote access session, and handle the consumer’s network from a distance. Multiple clients can be supported in this way, too. You will find that every site is logically distinguishable, each with its own configuration, statistics, guest portal, and usage privileges.

2. You can smoothly visualize your clients’ network topologies.

You need to know how the networks of your clients are performing anytime. But the fact is unexpected downtime, limited resources, and network performance problems can bring down day-to-day business processes. With the cloud-managed Aruba Instant On solution, problems can be recognized and fixed quickly. Instant On will find the bottlenecks before your clients see them. 


With the Topology View, Instant On delivers a sufficient map of all access points and switches. This allows your support team to pinpoint and troubleshoot network problems more efficiently. This view quickly gives the rundown of the network topology, condition of network devices, the amount of connected clients, and status of links between network devices. A graphical topology map in the app exhibits what’s connected to what, and an easy tap provides thorough data on a device’s MAC address, model, and location. Clicking on a “Locate” button displays an LED on the Instant On device in case you need to determine a particular device.

3. You can be informed through instantaneous notifications.

Cloud management and automated trouble notifications permit solution partners to diagnose and even fix network problems as soon as possible. But just obtaining alerts is inadequate. Without a visual illustration of the network’s topology, it’s challenging to rapidly diagnose the cause and resolve the problem.


Aruba Instant On can automatically dispatch email and text alerts to notify your team about connection or device issues. You will also have valuable insight into when the device capacity is beyond the limit and when software updates can be acquired. You and your clients can receive Email Notifications, Push Notifications—or both—to alert where there is a problem.


4. You can oversee your clients' network from a single pane of glass.

Managing from anywhere is even more crucial in an era of pandemic-safe procedures. With Aruba Instant On, you can handle your clients’ networks no matter the location and from the device of your preference. There’s no need to physically go to clients’ areas, saving you time and money, and diminishing the need for professional IT staff at client locations. The whole network can be controlled from one central spot.



You can painlessly toggle back and forth from the Instant On cloud-based web portal to the mobile app at no extra cost and gain complete visibility into your clients’ access points, switches, and network status, including traffic type and volume.

5. You can protect your clients’ networks with cutting-edge security.

Size does not shield small enterprises from the barrage of cyberattacks. With Aruba Instant On, you can provide sophisticated security with a tap of a finger through:


  • Application Control: Instant On actively protects your clients’ networks from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. Through secure browsing, Instant On helps intercept known malicious and dangerous sites and applications, keeping your clients’ staff and guests free from phishing, fraud, and ransomware.
  • Client Blocking: If you catch a device that shouldn’t be on your client’s network, you can keep it from connecting to the internet by barring it from the connected device list. Blocked devices will now appear in a “Blocked Clients” list that occupies the side of the “Connected Clients” tab. You can tap on any device on this list to release it from the block list, which will re-enable network access.
  • Bandwidth Control: Instant On has consistently enabled you to select bandwidth limits for individual clients on a wireless network to deter bandwidth hogging. The outcome is a more satisfactory Wi-Fi experience for people on company conference calls while preventing streaming videos from consuming immense amounts of bandwidth. Instant On’s most recent option permits you and your clients to configure a bandwidth limit per AP on the network, rather than restricting usage for each client.


Aruba Instant On is enterprise networking made remarkably simple. Aruba is committed to providing a dependable, great network experience and offering you and your clients more value. 

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