BriefCam: 3 Must-haves in Finding the Right Video Analytics Solution


An investment that one must not take lightly is getting the right video analytics solutions, and there are numerous factors to take into account when selecting the best one for you. Despite the intended application, “ease” is crucial for all phases of implementation, maintenance, and updates. Video intelligence systems should be simple to use even if video analytics is a very complicated artificial intelligence-based technology.

Check out BriefCam’s Buyer’s Checklist for Video Analytics Software to ensure that the solution that you buy will fulfill your specific requirements.

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BriefCam's Checklist for Finding the Right Video Analytics Software

1. Ease of Implementation

BriefCam recommends that you should consider the deployment method and scalability of the video analytics system before investing in a video analytics solution. Every firm has a distinct environment and system architecture, and the perfect solution will blend in without significantly expanding the hardware footprint.

You should also confirm if the software can be installed in a way that complements the current infrastructure while providing room for expansion in the future. Possible deployment scenarios include on-premises, cloud, edge, or hybrid options.

Also, another crucial query you must ask is: how simple is it to get started with the video analytics system? Is the software installation procedure straightforward or automatic? When comparing various video analytic choices, especially for more extensive systems, ease of installation and deployment should be at the top of your list.

2. Ease of Admin

An administrator must be able to customize the system to suit the particular requirements of the host site after the system and microservices for the video analytics platform are installed. Consider how configuration and ongoing software management are enabled when choosing a solution as well.

The solution must be successfully managed and regularly maintained for it to be universally beneficial throughout a company and allow users to take full advantage of the newest features. To ensure the greatest usage and service quality, the upgrading procedure should be straightforward and the admin should be able to rely on expert help as needed.

Furthermore, it increases the likelihood that an environment will evolve and technology will progress throughout the customer’s lifetime when the technology is preserved over time by both its user and solution provider.

Make sure the platform you choose for video analytics can grow with your demands, expand with your gear, and support your expanding business.

The solution’s ability to effortlessly interact with other solutions, such as video management systems (VMS), physical security information management systems (PSIM), command and control systems (C&C), and cloud-based video surveillance solutions, must also be considered. The long-term success of a reliable video surveillance solution depends on choosing a video analytics solution that can readily scale with you.

3. Ease of Use

Of course, one of the most crucial factors in technology investment is usability. Dealing with outdated technology every day is the worst!

Regardless of who utilizes the technology, the program should be simple-to-use, straightforward, and provide a user interface (UI) that encourages user productivity. Although video analytics is a sophisticated technology with many uses, it should give a better user experience and tools to help you get the most out of your investment.

However, keep in mind that regular training updates and product documentation are just as crucial to client success as a user-friendly GUI. While employers should be proactive in keeping themselves informed of training requirements, video analytics firms should continue to support continuing training.

Invest in Your Business Growth with BriefCam Solutions

As we’ve seen in BriefCam’s checklist above, the choice of a video analytics system should not be made hastily, as with any tech expenditure. There are several options that can give reliable analytics to support safety, security, and operational applications, and the intelligent video surveillance technology landscape is expanding.

You can distinguish between product offers and choose the one that is ideal for your present and future needs by knowing how simple it is to deploy, manage, and use a solution on an ongoing basis.

The flexibility of deployment choices, VMS and technology connections, system expansion, and processing performance are further important factors to consider. Utilizing the full potential of video data to improve corporate security, operational effectiveness, and customer experience requires an investment in video content analytics tools.

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