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Video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence

Digifort prides itself on providing intelligent video monitoring software utilizing the highest levels of available technology and providing the best performance to suit any requirement. Digifort has presence in more than 138 countries with its platform translated to over 19 languages. The company has a solid trajectory and reputation which covers the globe. Their solution delivers stability and the best of product. Always looking for excellence and constantly listening to the market and their customers; always providing relevant improvements and leading the VMS market.

Digifort Solutions

DIgifort Solutions - Video Management with Mobile Monitoring
Video Management with Mobile Monitoring

Complete IP video management platform with advanced alarm management, events, occurrences and automation of environments through a single system, reliable, intuitive with easy configuration and operation.

DIgifort Solutions - License Plate Recognition
License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Automated license plate reader solution fully integrated with our video management system, automated alerts, alarms and pre-configured actions, statistical graphs and integration with third party systems.

DIgifort Solutions - Digifort Insight
Digifort Insight

Capture, remote control and recording of Windows based computer screens. Ideal for Call Centers, Headless Server Controls and third-party software management.

DIgifort Solutions - Advanced Video Analysis
Advanced Video Analysis

Live Applied intelligence without video monitoring, providing proactive actions for programmed behavioral situations with automatic event and alarm generation in addition to valuable statistical information for business intelligence applications.

DIgifort Solutions - Forensic Analysis
Forensic Analysis

A highly innovative and technological solution for reviewing movie hours recorded at a few moments that provide a summary of all non-playing events, allowing you to quickly find a desired event through color filters, object size, speed, direction and others. 

Why choose Digifort?

Digifort’s solutions are innovative, stable, flexible, and sustainable. Digifort solutions presents itself in products that cover all the needs of the surveillance and intelligence in video monitoring, providing solutions that cover small 8 camera systems to major projects with multiple locations managed from a single central with 30,000+ active channels.

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