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Digifort solutions are expertly made to provide the best video monitoring and management software available, going beyond industry benchmarks and expectations. Their capabilities are specifically suited to meet a variety of applications. 

A comprehensive alarm system and automation, analyzing vehicle license plates, intelligent image analysis modules, compatibility with any access control system, biometrics, CRM, ERP, city administration software, and more are all part of the Digifort system today, which boasts of having more than 240 manufacturers globally.

Let us now dive into the range of VMS solutions from this industry-leading company.

Digifort's 4 VMS Solutions

DGF Explorer

Deployed in modest offices, homes, condominiums, stores, and small businesses in general. It’s a dependable solution with key components that primarily focuses on recording and viewing video from IP and/or analog cameras connected via DVRs, NVRs, or video encoders.

DGF Standard

With this edition, you can control your PTZ cameras with your mouse, giving the operator just a few clicks to control the features. This one is advised for customers who need an application for up to 32 cameras at an affordable cost and with some more advanced features like the Integrated Web Server.

DGF Professional

This one was designed for the medium-sized and large-sized needs of the clients. They usually require features like PTZ by joystick, synoptic map, up to 16 different user profiles, unlimited connections, web server, camera view via cell phone, integration with optional Digifort modules. This professional account can give the client the full monitoring, alarm, and automation solution.

DGF Enterprise

This one is made for those who require a system with endless tools and capabilities, alarm solutions, access control, and automation. It’s recommended for users that have larger security and surveillance needs. This edition of the software offers the option of integrating alarm and automation modules, an infinite number of cameras, IP filters, and server status reports, in addition to the functionality present in other versions of the software.

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