Email Phishing is a Pervasive Phenomenon. Fortinet Suggests 3 Things to Combat It.


In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, email phishing is still a persistent ultimatum. Threat actors have long posed as trusted sources to target unsuspecting individuals through email and text messages, all in the quest to steal sensitive data.

Statistics from the Fortinet 2023 Global Ransomware Report highlight the effect of phishing as a top tactic, accounting for 56% of successful network infiltrations and ransomware attacks. 

Gone are the days of easily recognizable email phishing attempts with glaring errors in spelling and grammar. The advent of AI-driven content tools has ushered in a new era where cybercriminals use artificial intelligence to create more convincing text messages and email phishing. This sophistication raises the stakes, increasing the likelihood of users unknowingly clicking on malicious links.

In this era of AI-crafted communications, employee vigilance is crucial in defending organizations against potential breaches. Traditional methods of spotting phishing attacks are no longer sufficient to ensure safety. To bolster organizational security, it is paramount to invest in the right technologies, such as robust spam filters and multi-factor authentication. Equally important is the ongoing education of employees, as their awareness and actions can make all the difference in protecting organizations from the ever-evolving threats of phishing and ransomware.

Phishing: The Top Weapon in Ransomware Attacks

Recent findings shed light on a concerning reality: phishing still reigns supreme as the primary delivery method for ransomware. This choice by cyber attackers is not without reason, as it continues to yield alarming success rates. Statistics from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency reveal that a staggering 80% of organizations faced at least one incident where an employee was lured by a simulated phishing attempt.

Ransomware, a threat that knows no bounds in terms of industry or location, continues to plague businesses of all sizes. Despite 78% of business leaders believing they are well-prepared to obstruct ransomware attacks, the harsh truth is that half of them have fallen victim to such an attack within the past year.

Empower Your Workforce with Education Against Phishing

Safeguarding your enterprise from the ever-looming threat of ransomware begins with a well-informed workforce. Recognizing that most ransomware breaches enter through the gateway of phishing, employee education takes center stage. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this endeavor; the key lies in tailoring the education to your unique organizational needs.

Fortinet gives some strategic services and programs that can serve as a solid foundation for a comprehensive employee security awareness initiative.

1. Security Awareness Training

Your employees are high targets for threat actors. To keep your organization safe, an ongoing cyber-awareness education program is important. Fortinet’s Security Awareness and Training Service, a SaaS-based solution, offers prompt and up-to-date awareness training on the latest security threats. This service enables IT, security, and compliance leaders to foster a culture of cyber-awareness, making employees more adept at recognizing and evading potential attacks. For organizations with compliance requirements, this service also aids in fulfilling regulatory and industry compliance training obligations. 

2. Phishing Simulation Services

Preparing your employees to identify malicious communications is a proactive approach to defense. FortiPhish Phishing Simulation Service conducts real-world simulations, allowing organizations to test and enhance user awareness and resilience against phishing threats. It equips users with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively when they suspect a phishing attack.

3. Free Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Training

The Fortinet Training Institute offers free, self-paced NSE training modules. These modules empower users to find and shield themselves from various threat types, including phishing attacks. These resources can easily complement your existing internal training programs, reinforcing crucial concepts. Furthermore, Fortinet Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) supply instructor-led training, broadening access to the NSE curriculum on a global scale.

Stay One Step Ahead of Threat Actors Through Security Awareness Programs

As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. They persistently explore new ways to exploit these innovations for their malicious agendas. In response, both security teams and every individual within organizations must heighten their vigilance against threats.

This underscores the importance of assessing and enhancing your existing cyber-awareness programs. The goal is to equip learners and employees with the latest, most pertinent knowledge, ensuring their ability to safeguard not only themselves but also the organizations invaluable data.

In the constantly changing sphere of cybersecurity, knowledge is your best defense.

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