MEC-Cybereason: A Partnership for Stronger Cyber Defenses in the Philippines

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MEC Networks now distributes Cybereason solutions! The partnership was made official on September 13, 2022.  


We are always searching for the best cybersecurity solutions that will solve today’s ever evolving and expanding threat landscape, and Cybereason aligns well with our vision of enabling safer online environments across the Philippines!  

When we reviewed Cybereason, we have realized that this is the endpoint security that we wanted to bring. We know that with Cybereason, we will be able to bring our Filipino customers to another level of endpoint security. Ransomware is very rampant here in the Philippines and I believe that Cybereason's own unique features will be able to address that.

Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyber defenders with future-ready attack protection that extends from the endpoint to the enterprise, and everywhere. They deliver the precision to end cyber-attacks in an instant on computers, mobile devices, servers, and in the cloud to everywhere the battle moves. 

With the technology enhancements that we have, it's really about bringing that value to the partners and customers and enriching what they already have without trying to replace that. It's about enhancing and prolonging the use of their current tech with what Cybereason can offer.

The representatives of the Cybereason team also emphasized the value of partnerships in what they do.


Partnerships are at the very core of what we do. Without partnerships, it's impossible to get into markets. I'd like to thank MEC for the trust that you are giving us. We think there's tremendous potential in the Philippines. When I look at Asia Pacific, there are really five key partners for us, and the Philippines is one of those key markets.

Both MEC and Cybereason are looking forward to the future of this partnership. 

We know it takes time to build a partnership that begins with people. At the end of the day, people do business with people. I hope that we can be incredibly successful together!


What Makes Cybereason Different?

  • Dedicated to Defenders: Where other cybersecurity providers see a vendor and a customer, they see a united team of defenders who are stronger as one.
  • Future-ready Protection: Their solutions detect advanced threats, accelerate investigations, and ensure complete remediation across the enterprise and wherever.
  • Operation-centric, Not Alert-centric: They just do not stop the breach; they help end it before it starts.
  • Leverages Your Data: They are at the forefront of data processing technology, collecting, processing, and analyzing all your relevant data. 
  • Automatically Remediates Attacks: They enable your company to defend as many as 200,000 enterprise endpoints. 
  • Behavior-based Detection: They help expose and end never-before-seen attacks before they escalate to a major breach event.

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