Mitel: 3 Steps to Optimizing Communications for Business Growth this Year

Mitel Optimizing Communications

Is your business prepared to grab hold of the opportunities awaiting in 2022? Will your communications system be a valuable investment in attaining growth — or a limitation? 


Numerous enterprises are discovering that they are burdened by technology choices they had to make rapidly during the pandemic. In the face of shutdowns, communications software became the lynchpin to permit workers to continue cooperating, meet with clients, and work efficiently from home. And, with little time to evaluate the pros and cons of a communications platform, they opted for swift purchases that left them with: 

  • A blend of disconnected communications tools that are awkward for workers to navigate
  • Unexpected expenses associated with increasing maintenance costs and complicated IT support 
  • Inconsistent execution, with some tools more dependable than others, producing disappointed clients and frustrated workers


Looking ahead, your enterprise now has the chance to shift from worrying about how to keep things moving to focusing on improving operations. As a dynamic, hybrid work environment becomes the new normal, it’s an ideal time to ensure you have a communications platform that’s designed from the ground up. You need one that provides the dependability, agility, and efficiency to optimize productivity today and respond quickly to the unexpected changes tomorrow. To make the most of that prospect, you’ll need to consider these 3 profitable choices: 

  1. Select the best communications architecture
  2. Determine the right communications solution 
  3. Pinpoint the perfect migration route for your enterprise

1. Select the best communications architecture

This refers to choosing the cloud to simplify and strengthen your technology. The cloud is the most effortless course to streamline and empower your communications technology. There are many benefits to converging disconnected communications tools into an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that offers team and video collaboration, mobility, and voice capabilities. You can unlock greater productivity and performance. You can also remove the cost and resource burdens of handling your existing systems.

2. Determine the right communications solution

Client and worker expectations have definitely transformed. Enterprises have acquired new confidence in their teams’ capability to work from anywhere. Workers treasure the balance that hybrid workplaces supply. And clients just desire satisfactory service. They do not really demand to know where the worker supporting them is operating from.


For these realities, business communications software will continue to be your ground for worker productivity and customer service excellence. To develop and thrive in any industry, your enterprise deserves a best-in-class and cloud-based communications platform. It should be intuitive to use, scalable, and designed to guarantee that employees can work efficiently from anywhere, any time, and on any device.

3. Pinpoint the perfect migration route for your enterprise

If you construct the most suitable migration path to the right cloud-based communications solution, then you will have your cake and eat it, too.


Chances are, your enterprise has already made acquisitions in a communications platform. You will then need a migration plan that takes that into consideration. You will also need the advice of a reliable partner whose expertise lies in a comprehensive range of communications deployments — including on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud systems. Because of this, you can trust Mitel to secure an easy transition that’s based on a customized migration plan and your timeline for your business. 

  • The customer is in charge: Mitel has a proven record of being 100% customer-centered. You can sit back and allow Mitel to do the heavy lifting. They begin every client migration by attending to your needs and apprehending your current investments, so they can supply you with a range of options.
  • Investment security: After assessing your options, if the most suitable plan for your business means remaining with an on-premises or secluded cloud platform, for the time being, Mitel stays as an international market leader in these components and has a clear, innovative roadmap for these platforms going forward. 
  • Expert technology to manage your migration: Mitel’s CloudLink architecture is a tested and proven piece of technology. It aids clients in improving the performance of their present investments while they migrate to the cloud. Mitel’s CloudLink architecture will also become tightly incorporated with RingCentral’s MVP solution. This forges the path for Mitel on-premises clients to transfer to the cloud at the speed that is best for them. 

Gain the Freedom to Be Prepared for the Future

You may find yourself with a communications platform you deployed during the pandemic that is not supplying you with all the functions you need to grow and meet new challenges ahead. If so, now is an excellent time to press the reset button. Connect with us today to learn more about how communications solutions from Mitel can enhance your business this year and be ready for whatever the future has in store.

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