Quantum Sets the Standard for Active Archive Solutions

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Quantum has joined forces with the Active Archive Alliance to collaborate with other vendors in elevating active archiving methodologies, technology, and applications. This endeavor truly makes sense for their company as they are in an elite field of organizations that produce and offer a complete set of storage solutions. They cover the entire storage infrastructure for institutions whose businesses focus on making the most out of the enormous value of their unstructured data. What is crucial for these organizations’ success is their ability to mine their data. Active archiving is about enabling nimble data searches in a rapidly expanding universe of files and objects, when companies need it and being able to retrieve it quickly and put it into the appropriate workflow.

Quantum Unlocks the Value of Archival Data

An active archive workflow permits users to effectively retrieve data or content from where it lives and copy it into a process flow. Scientific analysis, artificial intelligence, and extensive film editing are examples of operations that demand a lot of computing power. Other operations, such as viewing, sharing, or annotating video or other unstructured material, require less computing power.

Quantum has been an established member of the active archive solution provider enterprise, but with their recent acquisitions of Atavium and ActiveScale, they are raising the bar for active archive solutions.

The Atavium technology Quantum has acquired adds significant value to enterprises by providing autonomous data discovery with real-time analytics, as well as zero-touch data classification and labeling on intake. By managing data according to policy, users can manage data automatically according to its lifecycle requirements, lessening risk and compliance. It also has global search and analytics, which allows users to examine data for anomalies in seconds rather than days or weeks.

ActiveScale's Value Propositions Aligns with Quantum

ActiveScale is an excellent on-premise object storage solution that has proven itself as a leader in satisfying customers by delivering on these key value propositions:


  • Set and forget operation: Self-checking, self-healing, incredibly long-lasting, and easy to use. Customers with environments of 100PB or more are maintained by a single administrator who only interacts with the solution on a monthly basis for check-in and monitoring.
  • High performance at scale: In the case of component failure or system upgrades, a patented method for spreading erasure-coded data among components eliminates the need for disruptive rebalancing. ActiveScale simply keeps on going.
  • Multi-geo deployment: Their unique technique to data distribution results in a high-performing, fully consistent 3-geo capability with up to 19 9s durability and full data access even in the case of a site disaster.

In addition to these newer entries into Quantum’s portfolio, Quantum is a leading producer of tape solutions for businesses and large hyper-scale systems, where the tape serves as a vital element of low-cost archive and ransomware protection. Quantum also offers main storage solutions to meet the demands of some of the world’s most demanding video and unstructured data operations.

Quantum is keen on fulfilling its duty to help the clients of Active Archive Alliance architect the most performant and cost-effective solutions possible to meet their demanding requirements.

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