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Remote employment was a bizarre concept several years ago. It was only accessible as a customized agreement in certain circumstances. However, as telework technology rapidly advanced, remote setups flourished, and many establishments prospered. Remote working is becoming common everywhere, and developing a remote workforce is an urgent necessity.

Remote working, when managed effectively, may provide several benefits, including:

  • a cutting-edge concept for smart business management
  • the potential to reduce overhead expenses while increasing production
  • the potential to increase staff productivity
  • the potential to make employees happier
  • can lead to improved client experiences and profits

In essence, there is nothing that makes greater sense in the modern era than remote work, and businesses only need to use it if they have the communications, collaboration, and gadgets that allow teams to work together smoothly. NEC, a pioneer in the communications sector, is providing a range of solutions to help businesses keep up with the times.

Recommended Communications Solutions for Seamless Remote Work Experiences

1. SL2100 – an ultra-smart communication system for 5 to 100+ users

The SL2100 is an extremely intelligent communication device that offers unmatched usability together with powerful conferencing features. In order to enable effective and efficient video conferencing, collaboration, and screen-sharing capabilities, WebRTC is pre-installed in the system.

2. UNIVERGE SV9100 - keeping teams and customers always connected

A solid, dependable, and reasonably priced communication system, the UNIVERGE SV9100 aids enterprises in overcoming all current communication difficulties. The system works best with people between the ages of 10 and 896. The adaptable SV9100 is an all-in-one solution that supports a variety of secure audio, video, and collaboration applications and out-of-the-box mobility while keeping teams and customers connected at all times.

3. UNIVERGE SV9500 - for industry-specific personalized experiences

A communications solution that is effective and efficient and contributes to the development of an ultra-smart workplace is the UNIVERGE SV9500. It provides incredibly adaptable communication and collaboration options that work well in a wide variety of applications.

Maximize Technology for Effective Remote Work Experiences

Remote working has become a widely acknowledged and implemented practice in enterprises all over the world as a result of the tremendous improvements in communication technology and high-speed internet access. Modern smart communications tools have made it possible for businesses to implement remote working successfully and effectively. Employers have seen significant cost savings from implementing remote working policies, and employees now have more freedom to work at their own pace and convenience.

In the face of a crisis, remote working has also shown to be a significant asset. With remote work, employees may carry out their responsibilities while safeguarding both the general public’s health and the ongoing success of the company from harm. In this approach, technology-enabled remote working benefits both enterprises and employees.

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