The Next Big ICT Trends in 2022

The Next Big ICT Trends

Are you someone who wants to be a step ahead of the game by gaining insight into the top 2022 ICT trends in the Philippines? Then you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re wondering if these ICT trends have anything to do with your business, don’t take off just yet! Allow us to take you through what you could be missing out on. We’ll reveal how these projections can benefit you and the enterprise you belong to. 


By breaking down these top 7 ICT trends, we can give you the launching pad you need to build your strategy for 2022. These are coming your way, or they may already have, so take a closer look, or you might let the opportunities they carry slip right through your fingers!

1. Locationless Organizations

Locationless Organizations

We now live in an exciting era in which people from different cities and even countries can efficiently work together. You might ask, then why is this included when we can already start seeing this around us? Well, this 2022 ICT trend might have been already prevalent, but this year, we will get to witness how this phenomenon will improve more and more. Beyond that, Gartner predicts that 75% of organizations that have embraced this trend will find revenue growth 25% faster than their competitors. 


Going locationless can be convenient and necessary for many people nowadays. But you might have also experienced struggling with numerous factors to consider when enhancing this kind of setup for your organization. Our wireless solutions might just be what you need to make the most of this 2022 ICT trend. You can also get more freedom to focus on your work. 

2. Distributed Cloud

Distributed Cloud ICT Trend

In maximizing your productivity at work, this next 2022 ICT trend goes along with the one above. Gone were the days when you had to connect to a distant central cloud. Because of this innovation, you can easily access the applications your company needs right where you are. This trend will continue to grow and flourish this year, so it’s the most suitable time to maximize the power of the distributed cloud. It’s the much-needed solution you need for your business to keep up with today’s demands. This trend will also drive your applications, especially the bandwidth-heavy ones, to perform better.


If you feel like you’re stepping into uncharted territory, you can reach out to us we’ll meet you right where you are. We are aware that each business has its own distinct needs and requirements, but we are confident in finding and tailoring the right cloud solution for you.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity ICT Trend

If you haven’t gotten around to investing in or checking out this 2022 ICT trend, then there’s no time to waste. No matter your position within your organization, remember that your protection is at stake. And you can actively help others protect themselves too. On the other hand, if you feel that this is nothing new, then expect this, a more comprehensive and integrated security system is on the horizon. You would then gain freedom from having to juggle multiple security tools. 


Uploading your data and resources online may be inevitable, but malware and phishing attacks can absolutely be prevented. Having a reliable cybersecurity system is the foundation you need to let your business thrive and allow yourself to stop worrying over security breaches too. There’s no need to comb through the internet for the best ones out there. You can simply pick out from the wide range of cybersecurity solutions we offer. Get started on ensuring the safety of your resources and, more importantly, your people too.  

4. Accelerated Digital Transformation

This 2022 ICT trend may come as no surprise to you as our present circumstances brought changes to consumer behaviors, physical environments, and more. Businesses that have the most potential to survive and thrive are able to adapt and seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation. 


You can kick-start your digitization journey by getting the right partner for your ICT needs. It would be our pleasure to support you with our solutions and premium services since we are committed to empowering people and organizations from any industry.

5. No Code / Low Code Revolution

The term low-code refers to a visual approach in the field of software development that requires little to no coding in creating apps. Platforms that have a visual interface with easy-to-use features will take the lead instead. Developing an app won’t take as much time as it did back then. Although it can still be helpful, it is no longer a requirement to acquire an extensive knowledge of the different programming languages. An individual with an idea for a worthwhile app will also have the opportunity to put it out without the added work of gathering a group of developers. 


Have you ever dreamed of having or creating the super app—the single app that can do everything you need for your business? It might sound impossible, but we’re here to tell you that we’re inching closer to the time when this fantasy turns into reality. Keep your eyes peeled because this 2022 ICT trend will break down age-old barriers and clear the way for your company to achieve breakthroughs instead. 

6. Blockchain

This 2022 ICT trend used to be a vague concept, but it is now on its way to becoming a mainstream topic of conversation. Similar to having locationless organizationstransactions conducted from anywhere can be completed because of the advancements in this industry. When you start understanding how blockchain solutions work, you’ll be impressed by how this has enabled high-level security for payments, faster processing times, and more. 


This will continue to thrive in the marketplace. And so, no matter the enterprise you are a part of, there’s no better time to start looking into whether your company can grow in this direction. 

7. 5G Network

5G ICT Trends

We’ve got high hopes for the final one on our list of 2022 ICT trends. Since our lives are rapidly being integrated with the virtual realm, faster internet speeds are simply vital.


The rise of the 5G network unlocks countless business opportunities and ways that allow our society to move forward. You can bet that there will be more immersive virtual realities that will transform the way we learn, work, and play.  

Final Insights

We hope that we succeeded in giving you a substantial look into what this year will look like for the world of ICT. It’s definitely a big year for businesses that intentionally pour their efforts into the virtual aspects of their operations.


If you feel like you have no idea where to start, we’re here and ready to provide the solutions you need. MEC can be your partner in helping you navigate this ever-evolving tech landscape.

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