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Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Delivering the best wireless performance for every device, every time.

When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to RUCKUS. We offer indoor and outdoor wireless access points to fit any budget, performance requirement, or deployment scenario. Whether you’re challenged with high client density, Wi-Fi-unfriendly building materials or just rising employee or customer expectations, our access points provide secure, reliable access no matter how tough the environment. Every RUCKUS access point, from the humblest to the boldest, is packed with patented technologies that go beyond the everyday to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences.

Elevate your Wireless LAN Experience

Deliver-a-great-user-experience min
Deliver a great user experience
  • Adapt more users, devices and traffic
  • Meet the needs of every client application
  • Handle challenging environments stress-free
Keep-your-network-humming min
Keep your network humming
  • Measure and meet SLAs
  • Accelerate troubleshooting
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) to identify and prioritize incidents
Manage-simpler min
Manage simpler
  • One user interface for your converged, multi-site network
  • Comprehensive network visibility
  • AI/ML-powered analytics reduce your burden
Ruckus Wifi 6 Products

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 interoperability Access Points

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Wi-Fi that thrives on stress

An independent Packet6 test reveals that Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 delivers where others don’t. The Ruckus AP that met enterprise-grade service levels in a real-world, high-density environment. And it didn’t stop there. 

More Reasons to Choose Ruckus Wi-Fi

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Hyper-converged access points

Without careful planning for IoT, networks will evolve to support many overlay networks. The Ruckus portfolio addresses this with a single converged network. 

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Universally manageable

Are the enterprise APs you own flexible enough to be manageable by a physical or virtual controller, a controller-less option, or the cloud? Ruckus can. 

Let’s Get Started

The latest Wi-Fi 6 standard bridges the performance gap from gigabit Wi-Fi to multi-gigabit Wi-Fi in support of the insatiable demand for better and faster Wi-Fi. Talk to us and learn how RUCKUS access points deliver the best wireless performance in the business through our collection of patented technologies and more!

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