Empowering Locationless Organizations at the MEC Solutions Summit 2022


A Redefined Workplace

Our first MEC Solutions Summit of the year successfully took place last April 28! The summit, entitled, “Locationless: Mapping the Future of Work, ” endeavored to address the relevant challenges the workforce is facing. Presently, we find ourselves with the reality that the workplace is now no longer limited by physical boundaries. It has been redefined since many organizations and businesses have adopted a new workplace model where the concept of the work area is anywhere.

We sought to cater to both the needs of our partners and end-users in enhancing their workplace setups. The topics of our keynote sessions will not only enable them to kickstart or build their work-from-anywhere systems. We also intend to equip our audience with the strategies they need to manage and secure these setups effectively. Through four of our solutions partners, Aruba, Cato, Fortinet, and Ruckus, the summit introduced our participants to the latest network solutions in the tech market today.  

Effective Tech Solutions for a More Secure and More Productive Workplace

In the first keynote session, Mr. Vorawut Kanokpanvanich, the Consulting Systems Engineer, MSP, of Aruba Networks Southeast Asia, Taiwan & Hong Kong/Macau discussed the topic of “Re-imagining your Network by Transforming your WAN.” He mentioned that customers now want to extend the network from the enterprise to the home. Since this creates new challenges, he enlightened our audience on how Aruba can help proactively secure and monitor networks from a single dashboard. 

Next, Mr. Demetris Booth, the Director of Product Marketing of Cato Networks APJ and Singapore, led the audience in finding a better approach to security with the session entitled, “Control Who’s on your Network: Risk-Based Access Control.” He pointed out the challenges current networks have such as unapproved access everywhere, unmanaged devices, and risky device postures. He also explained how Cato’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Risk-Based Access Control gives customers the simple and straightforward security they need to mitigate all these risks.

For the third session, Mr. Mark Cayubit, the Channel and Alliance Manager – Cloud and MSSP of Fortinet Philippines, discussed “Integrated and Adaptive Security for All Cloud Environments,” which gave our audience the solution they need in facing the latest industry trends and the expanding attack surface. He focused on the need for securing the cloud, which has become an integral part of business and our personal lives. With this in the background, he then explained all the benefits of the Fortinet Security Fabric that can help address all the new threats and risks found in cloud environments.

Mr. Vasudevan Venkatakrishnan, the Business Development Director of Ruckus Asia Pacific, explored “Smart Converged Network Management – from Anytime Anywhere.” He stated that cloud-managed networks are here to stay and will be the key driver in network management for the next few years. He also presented industry trends and statistics that will help our audience move forward in achieving their business goals. 

Lastly, MEC Networks’ own Sr. Solutions Manager, Mr. Romi Baido, gave the final keynote session of the program, entitled, “Strategizing Your Locationless Organization through MEC Technology Solutions.” He gave beneficial pointers that our attendees should consider when they start building work-from-anywhere systems. He also gave valuable insights on refraining from a siloed approach, building zero trust architecture, and more.

After the main program, through our breakout sessions, our attendees were able to get a closer look into a particular solution that they selected. These involved more in-depth lectures and Q & A segments with the presenters.

We Can Help You Transition to a Locationless Organization

MEC Networks is always on the lookout for the best solutions and services that will accelerate digital transformation in the country. The recently concluded summit once again proved our commitment to empowering your digital transformation efforts especially in the endeavor of shifting to a locationless organization. Connect with us today, and we will meet you right where you are on your journey to a better and more seamless work-from-anywhere system.

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