The Future of Work: 4 Key Questions Answered by IT Leaders

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It’s been almost 2 years since most of the workforce left their desk stations in the office, improvising spaces in their homes, bedrooms, cafes, or any private space available. 

Many organizations and businesses are building on the lessons we’ve learned in the past years to find the balance between remote and on-site setups. As many companies welcome their employees back to the office, it is highly unlikely workplaces will look or function the same way they did before the pandemic.  

With this, IT leaders can expect the accelerated pace of change to continue and weigh on 4 key questions that linger when we’re talking about the future of work. 

4 IT Questions about the Future of Work

1. How can we support a hybrid/remote workforce moving forward?

May it be hybrid or remote, investments in IT will have long-lasting repercussions. Finding creative ways to foster genuine connections among colleagues instead of plain digital interaction will be the key. Instead of using virtual spaces solutions, use collaboration tools that support video calls for a more interactive and collaborative “environment.”

2. Can cybersecurity keep up with ever-evolving threats?

The worldwide work-from-home mandate led to increased cybersecurity attacks and securing your laborforce isn’t just securing the perimeters of your office. Opting for new security architectures like zero trust access along with holistic cybersecurity solutions with biometrics as an external layer of defense for your internal teams will be crucial. Knowledge transfer and education about cybersecurity should be one of your priorities as well. 

3. How big of an impact will automation have on the workplace?

The worldwide pursuit of automation started even before the big shift happened. Automation isn’t just an option for IT and Financial Sectors now. Retail and hospitality are now joining in the race for automation as well. For example, the adoption of Service Robots is now becoming rampant to increase overall efficiency and productivity. Organizations all over the world are now looking at automation as a spreadsheet full of opportunities. 

4. What will IT departments look like in the future?

The future of work is hybrid. And it is here to stay. As this kind of future becomes clearer, so does the future for IT departments. The IT that we know as development, infrastructure, security, support, etc. will be gone. The boundaries between IT and Business will be no more. Business and IT will come together as catalysts to solve and create new business models and opportunities. 

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