Bosch Fire Detection and
Alarm Systems (FDAS)

The most reliable fire alarm system

Bosch fire alarm and detection systems ensure smart fire safety for buildings and challenging applications. Bosch products let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected, but quickly and effectively saved.

The Bosch Difference

reliable bosch fdas
adaptable bosch fdas
Adapts to your current and future needs
cost efficient bosch fdas
Improve operations and reduce costs

Featured Products

Feature-Image-Bosch Aspiration Smoke Detector

FAS-420 Aspiration Smoke Detector

The FAS‑420 Series Aspiration Smoke Detectors are specially designed for direct connection to the Local SecurityNetwork LSN improved version with the extended features.

FeaturedImage_Bosch_FDAS min

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Bosch Safety Systems Designer makes the planning of fire alarm systems a snap and in the future, this will be the only software you need to plan and calculate fire alarm systems.

Let’s Get Started

Bosch is on a mission to develop products that are “invented for life,” spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life, and help conserve natural resources. With innovative solutions in everything from access to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in. Talk to us to get started!

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