Digifort LPR

License Plate Recognition

The Digifort LPR can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, shopping malls, businesses, or anywhere that requires identification of the automobile license plate. It is an intelligent module that, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features for automatic character recognition, identifies vehicle license plates and stores them in a database for immediate or future searches, allowing them to be associated with any necessary event, generate alarms or automate the environment. Possibility to determine which vehicles are authorized or not to enter an environment, open gates and gates automatically, applying traffic restrictions (stolen car, overdue IPVA, unpaid fines, among others), issuing alerts, enabling vehicle seizure, surrender of the vehicles. Passengers or any other measure deemed necessary.
Digifort License Plate Recognition - Section 2

Product Highlights

Digifort License Plate Recognition - Highlights
  • Integration with internal and external databases
  • Interaction with access control equipment (gates)
  • Operation with Virtual Loop or Physical Loop
  • Unlimited database for plate registration
  • Read license plate of vehicles at any speed (Limited only to the camera capture capabilities)
  • Allow searching by date, time, plate, character set, partial plate and camera
  • Suspicious car reports
  • Prints photos of car license plates
  • See our catalog to know all the features

The Digifort Difference

Digifort License Plate Recognition - Practical
Digifort License Plate Recognition - Fast
Digifort License Plate Recognition - Versatile
Digifort License Plate Recognition - Easy to set up
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