Digifort Forensic Analysis

Video forensics and electronic surveillance module

Digifort’s partnership with BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS® offers a new, innovative, and smart module, full of features and tools for video forensics and electronic surveillance projects. The BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS® module can reduce the review time of a particular video for forensic (investigative) purposes – the reduction of such video is from hours to minutes. This reduction is made possible thanks to a proprietary compression of the video information. This compression creates a visual summary, which allows the operator to visualize several events occurring at different times and being shown simultaneously – overlaying all items while displaying their individual time codes.


The BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS® module delivers agility, objectivity, and speed in its search, with filters for color, size, the direction of travel, and schedules among others. Greatly reducing the analysis of long hours of video into minutes. Allowing easy and fast identification and location of specific individuals, objects, or scenes. It’s a requirement to house this module in its own server to maximize processing power and speed of use, besides the use of H.264 compression. BriefCam’s VIDEO SYNOPSIS® is offered by Digifort as a separate module, which requires its own license purchase.

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Product Highlights

Digifort Forensic Analysis Highlights
  • Agile
  • Easy tool handling
  • Objective
  • Fast
  • Practical

The Digifort Difference

Digifort Forensic Analysis - Practical
Digifort Forensic Analysis - Fast
Digifort Forensic Analysis - Versatile
Digifort Forensic Analysis - Easy to set up
Easy to step up

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