MEC Solutions Summit: Securing Continuity of Businesses in the Era of Cloud Computing

The MEC Solutions Summit 2019 - Securing Business Continuity in the Era of Cloud

With the theme, Securing Business Continuity in the Era of Cloud Computingthe MEC Solutions Summit held on May 28, 2019, at the Makati Diamond Residences presented how technological innovations can optimize businesses to successfully overcome the challenges brought forth by Cloud Computing.  The event was attended by over 300 tech movers in the country. 

Ensure Business Continuity In The Era Of Cloud Computing

The dawn of Industry 4.0 is changing the way we live exponentially. From the way people interact in the way they do things, everything is transforming. Everything is moving forward, without showing any signs of stopping. New technological innovations will continuously revolutionize the world. This is the age of Digital Transformation– a period where everything is connected and accessible anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Computing Transforming Businesses Globally

In a world where data– coming in all forms and sizes, with varying locations and speeds in which it is sent or received– is everything, its storage and accessibility become a top priority, especially for businesses. As a result of this phenomenon, Cloud Computing became one of the drivers of Digital Transformation. With the significance of keeping up with the data-driven, fast-changing environment in today’s business landscape, Mr. Dan Noel Natindim, Globe Telecom’s Vice President for Enterprise Data Office and MEC Solutions Summit Keynote Speaker, shared how global companies have adapted and used these technologies to their advantage, revolutionizing the way they do business. As your partner in innovation, MEC Networks aims to bring the revolution here in the Philippines. We are here to support businesses adapt to today’s fast-paced technology. The MEC Solutions Summit became an avenue for participants to experience first-hand cutting-edge technologies through MEC Solutions tech talks and live solutions demos. 

MEC Solutions To Help Shape Global Innovations In The Philippines

Experts from the fields of Cabling, Wired and Wireless Connectivity, Network Security, and Physical Security were all present during the MEC Solutions Summit to share how businesses can keep up with the changing times when it comes to staying connected while ensuring safety.  At the same time, they were also keen on answering this question: In a world where data should always be accessible anywhere and anytime, how can business continuity be ensured?       

Keeping Business Connected

Business innovation starts from within. As Commscope’s Country Sales Manager Mr. PJ Mangawang emphasized, every organization should keep its eye on creating a foundation that can support their entire network needs today and in the future.  Mr. Louie GatchallanCommscope’s Field Application Engineer, then took the stage to further explain how Commscope is continuously helping shape the networks of tomorrow by providing technologies that are high-capacity, expandable, interoperable, and future-forward ensuring efficiency of business processes.       


After securing solid network infrastructure, every business also requires a fast, reliable connection. Mr. Darwin LuzuriagaRuckus Networks’ Senior Systems Engineer, shared how Ruckus Networks amplifies next-generation networks, in all types and sizes, to meet the growing demands of businesses in the Era of Cloud Computing– enabling businesses to widen their reach, agility, scalability, and availability.

With the recent acquisition of Ruckus Networks by Commscope, these two brands can better forge stronger networks of the future.

Maintaining Business Security

Aside from Business Connectivity, the MEC Solutions Summit also highlighted the implications of Cloud Computing to business security. For Network Security,  Fortinet Philippines’ Systems Engineer Mr. Hans Javier explained how Fortinet secures the Cloud Migration journey from migration to consumption, ensuring businesses that their data is protected from the threats of today and tomorrow. Fortinet technologies equip businesses with the confidence to thrive in the Era of Cloud Computing without compromising their network security.

Physical Security is also something a business cannot simply overlook. Mr. Oh Tee Lee,  Axis’ Corporate Sales Project Director, also shared how Axis can help in surveillance system management by giving customers full control over their security system with the Axis Integrator Suite. With Axis’ technologies, businesses’ physical security becomes easily connected, manageable, scalable, and future-proof–ensuring a thoroughly protected business.

Bringing MEC Solutions To The People

Summit participants were also able to engage with Axis CommunicationsCommscopeFortinetRuckus Networks, and other MEC solutions such as Cato NetworksChargeUPS, Mitel, and Netscout through their Live Solutions Demo. It served as an avenue where participants can directly collaborate with Solutions experts to have a hands-on experience and one-on-one consultation on how their technologies can secure the businesses in the Era of Cloud Computing. 


Being in line with the innovation Cloud Computing brought to the way people learn, MEC’s Knowledge Hub also showcased how we can support partner and end-customer tech enablement anytime and anywhere. Knowledge Hub gives access to hundreds of courses such as Best Practice Design Architecture, Configuration Training, Deployment Guidelines, and tons of Tech Updates. 

MEC Solutions For Your ICT Needs

The MEC Solutions Summit ended with a commitment to support not only the  300 partners and end-customers in attendance, but also every business in the Philippines with the right tech at the right time. 


To kick off the upcoming ICT month this June, the event also presented how MEC Solutions integrate Big DataBring Your Own DeviceCloud Computing, and the Internet of Things to help maintain a better and safer Philippines.  

More Than Distribution, We Provide Solutions

The MEC Solutions Summit showcased the extensive tech expertise MEC has to offer in helping elevate local businesses to global standards, especially in the Era of Cloud Computing. Know more about how our products can change the way businesses do things and keep up with the world. 

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