Hikvision: 5 Benefits of Converged Security for Your Business and Customers

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Technological “convergence,” which refers to the intentional fusion of numerous dissimilar or complementary technologies into a single product or service, is the solution to the problem of having stand-alone security systems. As an illustration, converged security enables previously siloed intercom and video surveillance systems to produce a unified image of an incursion or other security incident. The outcome is a solution that enhances situational awareness and increases the safety of enterprises, employees, and assets.

1. Converged security enhances the user experiences of your customers

An enhanced end-user experience, particularly in controlling all the components of your security system more quickly and effectively, is the first key advantage of convergence. Convergence in this situation functions by giving a centralized platform and user interface for controlling various security infrastructure and equipment, such as video cameras, intercoms, access control systems, and alarm systems. By doing this, you may spare your clients the effort, complexity, and security concerns associated with storing and using several passwords by removing the need for them to access and manage many devices using various logins or applications.

2. Converged security increases your installation efficiency for major cost savings

Installation complexity sometimes increases significantly with security systems that use numerous platforms and systems, since there are often multiple protocols to maintain and even various cabling systems for various devices. By offering a single platform and uniform interface, converged security greatly facilitates the addition of devices in bulk and the rapid configuration of device settings.

All of this translates to decreased project management, installation time and effort, and improved customer service. You may lower the cost of deploying, maintaining, and rebuilding various systems for your clients while saving on technician hourly charges and installation costs. Finally, you may lower the cost of software licensing, which will help you boost your margins and give your clients the greatest possible value.

3. Converged systems boosts security capabilities

It might be more difficult to obtain an immediate perspective of a security breach and to respond at once when security solutions consist of multiple devices and platforms. An alert, for instance, can ring without any indication of the location of the breach or the camera recording it.

Converged systems can automatically link warnings and alarms to the output of a specific camera that is filming the security breach, which is how this problem is solved. Access control may be controlled to close specific doors and video footage can be transmitted to consumers via an integrated mobile app with convergent systems.

This is how a converged solution outperforms conventional systems made up of disjointed components in terms of performance and value for your clients. The ability for each client to customize alarm parameters, such as the kinds of events that send off an alert, is another advantage of device integration.

4. Converged security scales to meet the growing needs of customers

All security equipment, including cameras and intercoms, operates on a single underlying infrastructure and software stack when using converged security solutions. With this shared infrastructure in place, your customers may quickly and simply add new devices to the system without the need for more hardware or software in any location and without having to reinvent the underlying infrastructure.

5. Converged security generates new upsell revenues for your business

Many small and medium-sized organizations would greatly benefit from enhancing their current intrusion alarm and video solutions with more advanced security features, such as access control. The apparent difficulty and expense of implementing and integrating new security device types into their surroundings, however, discourage many.

To meet this requirement, convergence is helpful. This is a great chance for you to upsell your customers on new security systems like access control, intercoms, and smart doorbells, in addition to assisting your clients in innovating to increase overall security and management effectiveness.

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