MEC-Digifort: A Partnership for Better Surveillance Solutions in the Philippines

MEC-Digifort A Partnership for Better Surveillance Solutions

MEC Intensifies Its Efforts to Improve the Country’s Surveillance Industry with Digifort

MEC now distributes Digifort solutions! We believe that as a global leader in VMS technology, partnering with them enables us to help transform the future of video surveillance operations in our country for the better 


Present in the photo above:

Tooma Chong, Digifort’s Global Sales Director and EMEA, Asia and Oceania Marketing and MEC’s Cora Guevarra-Que – Sr. Business Unit Manager

Our team recently received a warm welcome from the Digifort representatives in Thailand, and Mr. Tooma Chong, Digifort’s Global Sales Director and EMEA, Asia and Oceania Marketing shared his eagerness to collaborate with a trusted tech distributor in the Philippines. 

“We wanted to collaborate with a very successful company in the Philippines. We are very excited... to move forward with lots of new technologies and delivering successful solutions in the Philippine market. We look forward to successful projects and working with a team spirit!”

Digifort: A Global Leader in Video Surveillance Software and Video Monitoring Intelligence

Founded in 2002, Digifort is an award-winning software development company that specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. They are represented in 140 countries through their 400 brand partners, and their platform is also translated into 19 languages. 

Their vision of going “Beyond Expectations” is demonstrated by their integrated solution which opens many new possibilities and goes beyond traditional video security. Their new wave of artificial intelligence and application solutions based on deep learning helps them make better sense of the data which was not possible in the past.  

They also envision a “single pane of glass view” within the Digifort Client for monitoring all IP-connected hardware & metadata devices. Through this, they set themselves apart from the rest because of the revolutionary way their users interact with and gain situational awareness from many different systems under one platform. 

With this proactive response, they are prepared to help change the future of video surveillance operations. 

Their solutions include: 

  • VIDEO MANAGEMENT: Complete IP video management platform with advanced alarm management, events, occurrences, and automation of environments through a single system
  • DIGIFORT INSIGHT: Capture, remote control, and recording of Windows-based computer screens 
  • ADVANCED ANALYSIS OF VIDEO: Live Applied intelligence without video monitoring provides proactive actions for programmed behavioral situations with automatic event and alarm generation 
  • FORENSIC ANALYSIS: Gain a summary of all non-playing events, allowing you to quickly find the desired event through color filters, object size, speed, direction, and others

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