Touchless Solutions that Can Enhance Businesses in the Philippines

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Touchless solutions refer to any equipment that may be used or operated without the need for physical contact. Instead, voice recognition, user behavior, gesture recognition, or physical movement are applied.

Even as we presently find ourselves in a world that is gradually returning to the wealth of activities we used to do, “contactless” continues to permeate our daily conversations and concerns. Each of us could probably offer bits and pieces of information on how we could move forward by doing more hygienic practices as we go about our everyday lives. 

We hope to reinforce your safety during these times by giving you a breakdown of touchless solutions you can choose from that are available in the Philippines.

4 Touchless Solutions You Can Get in the Philippines

1. Touchless Access Control 

Instead of physically opening doors and increasing the risks involved in close-contact scenarios, facial recognition terminals usher in safety for everyone who enters the establishment. This touchless solution contains a deep learning algorithm that produces accurate results. Aside from this initial benefit, these terminals also give business owners more control and visibility. Consequently, the overall security of the site is improved. 

Facial recognition terminals go beyond providing access to authorized staff and clients. They can also efficiently check and display the temperature of each person who walks in.  

2. Touchless Check-in Solutions

This second touchless solution may be similar to the one above, but it offers another layer of technology that deserves its own time in the spotlight. The unmanned check-in terminal also benefits from the accuracy and real-time precision provided by face recognition technology. This solution helps guests finish their registration process swiftly and enter their assigned rooms without unnecessary difficulties.

But the solution offers something more than a convenient and trouble-free experience. Because of the minimal engagement needed between the staff and guests, the protection of everyone is heightened, and it creates the foundation for virus-free environments.

These check-in terminals do not stop at easing the registration process of your guests. The system can also be deployed at other locations within the hotel such as the lounge, pool area, gym, and more.  

3. Touchless Delivery

Advancements in the tech landscape have allowed us to go leaps and bounds in improving the field of customer service.

The food and beverage industry around the globe has reaped the benefits of deploying touchless delivery robots in their establishments. With the accuracy provided by these robots, businesses gain a competitive edge. As seen in the other solutions, these can curb the spread of unwanted viruses or diseases and thus protect the staff and the customers. More importantly, customers will enjoy interacting with them too.  

4. Touchless Transactions

Cashless payments bring loads of convenience to our lives. But this touchless solution does not only concern online shoppers and sellers. Investing in tech that enables contactless transactions will not just allow businesses to adapt to the changing times. These will also solve the pain points of retailers in the past. Utilizing a cashless system will benefit in-store shopping experiences since it reduces queues and increases customer satisfaction. They will enjoy this solution’s convenience and feel reassured of the security it brings as well. 

Through wireless access points, payments are instantly made online. Business owners can easily deploy and manage these compact solutions that are designed for scenarios that need fast digital transactions. 

By encouraging customers to take advantage of this, close contact is minimized, and their shopping experiences are made more enjoyable.  

Touchless Solutions Enhance the Customer Experience

These touchless solutions possess significant qualities in common. They have similar goals such as making business operations more efficient and ensuring that people who need to meet in person or go to physical locations are safe and protected from potential risks in the best possible way. Aside from keeping people safe, they also allow people to feel at ease as they enter establishments and reap enjoyable experiences.  

We have given you a glimpse into the benefits these tech advancements bring. If you’re unsure how to choose the solutions that can cater to your specific needs, MEC is here to lend a hand and get you started on your own touchless journey. 

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