Enhancing the Workplace Experience through Tech in the Year of the Tiger

Enhancing the Workplace through Tech in the Year of the Tiger

We are ushering the Year of the Thundering Water Tiger this February 1! And we will be sharing with you how you can bravely step into this new season by maximizing existing and new technology solutions. These can be your foundation in building better workplace experiences for the year ahead.   


The past years may not have been the best for most of us. Whether or not we had been harshly affected by the virus, we might have felt the weight of listlessness as the pandemic wore on. And that is why, according to feng shui, when the year of the tiger comes in, it will signal re-birth and reinvigoration. But we must keep in mind that a tiger is also an aggressive wild beast. While we want to be hopeful for this coming year, we should also be on the lookout for potential disasters, challenges, and cut-throat competition. 


Instead of hiding under a rock or idly watching life go by, we want to give you the confidence to proactively charge into the new year without regrets, especially in the world of business and tech. We hope this quick and practical checklist will help you get started on your journey towards achieving your goals for the year.  


Here are the critical areas in which innovative tech solutions allow us to forge the path towards better workplace experiences.   

4 Critical Tech Areas to Consider in Enhancing Your Workplace

1. Physical Security

Each of us hopes that this new year will allow us to return to the abundance of activities we used to do in the past. Going big is one way to go through this Year of the Tiger. You will not regret this move if you apply it in getting the security that covers all the bases for your business. Make this one of your priorities for your employees, and you will reap better workplace experiences for everyone.  


As we move forward this year, physical security no longer refers to simply having surveillance cameras, audio systems, and fire alarms. Although those are fundamental for businesses, physical security includes deploying temperature screening and social distancing solutions. You can also swiftly detect whether your customers and employees are wearing masks through facial recognition solutions. You can bet that these will not go away soon since safety and touch-free experiences will still be priorities in our lives post-pandemic. 

2. Contact Tracing 

Keeping your workers safe does not stop after getting their temperatures checked at the entrance. While the pandemic is not completely over, and should the virus somehow penetrate your workplace, you can minimize its impact by having an accurate contact tracing system.  


You might think that this would be an added burden to your employees, but it’s the opposite. With today’s innovative Wi-Fi access points, you can easily trace contacts and locations should someone turn out to be sick. This prevents outbreaks from affecting your employees and gives everyone the chance to enjoy their workplace experiences more without stressing over the risk of infections.  

3. Cybersecurity

You might have all the best physical security solutions in place, but do not forget that cybersecurity solutions are just as important. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and increasing, so you need to protect all your devices and endpoints. Wherever your workforce is found, you need to empower them with the proper security awareness training and secure access solutions. These will keep not just your business but your employees safe and able to work without worrying about dealing with cyberattacks and security breaches.  


In some cases, working from home might translate to having unforeseen security problems since kids and other family members all share the same network. Web filtering solutions address this problem by protecting remote connections and keeping cyber attackers and malware at bay.  

4. A Hybrid Workplace 

To keep your business going and capable of adapting during these changing times, consider the benefits you can gain with a hybrid workplace when you have the right tech by your side. When managing this kind of setup, having cloud-native edge platforms will enable you to seamlessly move back and forth from your home and the office.  


Remote connectivity and having the same level of corporate Wi-Fi at home are also easily achievable. The current wireless solutions allow your IT team to centrally manage and secure the network as it extends to the worker’s home. It would also be best not to overlook equipping your remote workplace with the cybersecurity solutions mentioned. Aside from ensuring that your business applications and data will be protected, they will open doors to remote and secure productivity. 

Empower Your People by Enhancing their Workplace Experiences

We hope that the points above were able to get you started on building a roadmap for this exciting new year. We understand that businesses vary in their workplace setups. But with these four critical factors covered, you can make a positive impact on the satisfaction and productivity of your employees. We are eagerly holding out for a productive year that will usher in success for all the industries in the country. 


MEC Networks Corporation is committed to partnering with you right here from the start to the finish line by supplying comprehensive solutions that empower individuals and organizations.  


We wish you a festive, safe, and fruitful Year of the Tiger! 

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